A peek inside LMNL’s immersive experience.

Lucky me, I got to visit Onedome, an interactive arts and entertainment space on Market in San Francisco. Besides immersive installations, you can attend a cool 32-person F.E.A.S.T. dinner (Fine Dining, Entertainment, Art, Story & Technology).

LMNL is a labyrinth offering 14 interactive rooms of digital art.

I visited the LMNL exhibit: Stunning immersive visuals and a big honking labyrinth of installations ($33 at the door). The art responds to and is created by you. LMNL was created by the Onedome collective and 11 other new media and visual artists from around the world.

onedome funky forest

Human+AI collaboration? Technically, visitors do interact/collaborate with some of the installations. In Funky Forest, created by design I/O, people can shift the path of a stream to direct water to plants, and then watch as the plants grow. (The plant-killing reverse process also works.)

And for you VR fans, The Unreal Garden is an ”immersive mixed reality experience where art comes to life all around you.“ Maybe next time.

Posted by Tracy Allison Altman on 28 March 2019.

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