Can AI replace your CEO?

The Hustle recently asked Should we automate the CEO? And the question isn’t facetious: Instead Zachary Crockett walks us through data showing many CEOs earn ~300X the pay of an average worker, and more than a few run underperforming companies. ” Tasks ripe for automation include reviewing forecasts and sending emails; some experts believe 40% of CEO tasks could be automated using ML/AI and other tools.

Unsurprisingly, many elements of CEO roles that “can’t be replicated by AI are rooted in the human touch: being a figurehead for accountability, selling a vision, communicating with the public, negotiating. A large part of a CEO’s job is to essentially serve as a company mascot — and mascots are fairly AI-proof.”

Here’s what Museum of AI thinks. Crockett and his sources are spot on. While reporting tasks can be streamlined, crucial CEO decisions aren’t routine enough to be effectively modeled. Strategic decision-making requires identifying uncertainty, reviewing alternatives, and weighing risks. Frameworks such as Decision Analysis encourage decision quality and repeatable process, guided by human experts ~ automation provides valuable predictions and supporting data, but won’t replace the C Suite.

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