Sneaky STEM: Inspire learning with immersive experiences

Technology touches almost everything in our lives. But schools, private companies, and public agencies still struggle to attract people to tech careers. STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education has become a focus of numerous educational and outreach programs. In this post, we explain how Museum of AI reinforces learning STEM and associated technical topics ~ for people of all ages.

Sneaky STEM. Museum of AI produces immersive experiences about artificial intelligence, with storytelling centered around popular, relatable topics like art, food, sports, and fashion. Real-world, practical AI examples and props are part of the story.

Instead of a talk on “STEM Career: I promise it will be fun!” tell a meaningful story and sneak in the STEM stuff. #sneakystem

It’s tough to attract people to ‘Data Science: The Movie’ but we can sneak all sorts of data science & AI into a popular format and good story. That’s the Museum of AI approach to introducing informal, experiential learning to a wide audience. 

The most transformative experiences happen when a story is relevant, makes personal connections, and engages the community. It’s essential to address current, fast-moving tech topics while considering their impact on people’s day-to-day lives. Shown are two story ideas. Put Me in, Coach! brings people into a setting where baseball and basketball data are collected and analyzed, introducing cool ways of capturing data about equipment and players ~ and illustrating data science concepts.

Our Daisy the Robot story explores cutting-edge agritech. Environmental and farming data are captured and analyzed, showing how straightforward apps assist with crop rotation, irrigation, and herd management. Variables impacting climate change are also considered. Sneaky data science ensues!

STEM education doesn’t have to be boring or intimidating. By blending important concepts into immersive experiences and storytelling, people of all ages can be inspired and connected to the tech ecosystem. Put Me In, Coach! and Daisy the Robot are just two examples of how immersive experiences can introduce science, technology, engineering, and math content in unique and inspiring ways. #sneakystem

Museum musings.

Pondering the places where people interact with artificial intelligence: Collaboration on evidence-based decision-making, automation of data-driven processes, machine learning, things like that.

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