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About Museum of AI

MoAI is produced by data scientists, artists, business executives, educators, policy analysts, and AI developers. We’re obsessed with dogs, but cats are okay too.

MoAI Proust questionnaire:
  • Favorite thing: Evidence-based decision making.
  • Least favorite word: Anecdotal.
  • Greatest achievement: Showing people how to successfully work with AI, by blending the experiential with the conventional.
  • Preferred occupation: Creating experiences that tell the real Human+AI story.
  • Key historical figure: Ada Lovelace.
  • Hope to be reincarnated as: Standard poodle.

Team experience.

14   years adult learning development
25+ art installations
12+ years decision analysis
10+ produced scripts, live & virtual
15   years enterprise software training
42   escape rooms installed
  +   thousands of lines of code

Tracy Allison Altman headshot

Tracy Allison Altman
Executive Director

Jessica Austgen headshot

Jessica Austgen
Head Writer

Lonnie Hanzon headshot

Lonnie Hanzon
Artistic Director

Paul McLachlan headshot

Paul McLachlan, PhD
AI Advisor

Cody Borst headshot

Cody Borst
Experience Designer

Sam Stack headshot

Sam Stack
Data Scientist

Chris Hjelmfelt headshot

Chris Hjelmfelt
Software Developer

Melanie Schultz

Melanie Schultz
Learning and HCI

Jeff Altman headshot

Jeff Altman
Business Development

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Join the Museum of AI team. MoAI is dedicated to preparing human beings and artificial intelligence applications to successfully work together. We invite industry experts, educators, and policy analysts to join the museum Advisory Board as we analyze AI impacts on decisioning, daily work, technology policy, career paths. Contact if interested.

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Video credit: Close-up View Of A Lightbulb And Miniature Toys by Follow Art