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AI is changing our world and our lives. The Museum of AI mission is to demystify artificial intelligence for everyone. Making it possible to see, understand, and benefit from this important technology. Transforming learning with experiences that engage, entertain, and explain.

AI for everyone

Demystify AI

Museum of AI produces immersive theater experiences and experiential learning about artificial intelligence. We bring AI to life, whether you visit for business or pleasure. Read about our daytime and nighttime experiences.

We are artists, business executives, technologists, educators, actors, storytellers, decision scientists, and dog lovers. (View current positions.)

MoAI Proust questionnaire

Favorite Thing

Smart, kind people

Greatest Achievement

Showing people how to understand AI

Preferred Occupation

Immersive AI experience designer

Key Historical Figure

Amos Tversky

Least Favorite Word


Hope To Be Reincarnated As

Standard Poodle


art installations


produced scripts, live & virtual


escape rooms installed


years adult learning development


years decision analysis


years enterprise software training

+ thousands of lines of code

We ♥ smart, kind people

Museum of AI team

Tracy Allison Altman headshot

Tracy Allison Altman

Executive Director

Lonnie Hanzon headshot

Lonnie Hanzon

Artistic Advisor

Jessica Austgen

Jessica Austgen

Head Storyteller

Cody Borst headshot

Cody Borst

Experience Designer

Emily Crum headshot

Emily Crum

Museum Educator

Jeff Altman

VP Operations


Advisory Board

Kerry Rea headshot

Kerry Rea

Event Marketing Leader

Paul McLachlan headshot

Paul McLachlan

 AI Analyst

Ryan Pachmayer headshot

Ryan Pachmayer

Retail Experience Expert

Chris Hjelmfelt headshot

Chris Hjelmfelt

Metaverse Development

Laureen Trainer


Gordon Bell headshot

Gordon Bell

Marketing Leader

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    Museum of AI aims to showcase the history and future of artificial intelligence through interactive exhibits, educational programs, and immersive experiences. Our goal is to become a leading destination for tech enthusiasts, students, and curious minds from all around the world. We need support to make this vision a reality.

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