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Museum of AI immersive is about storytelling and experiential AI. Move, laugh, interact with actors and technology to explore real-world artificial intelligence.

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YOU are surrounded by art, exhibits, work stations, and props. High-energy music is playing.

DANI, AUTHORITATIVE HUMAN, GREETS YOUR GROUP: “Everyone’s talking about Smart Cities, autonomous vehicles, and safer sidewalks. I’d just like to see a glimmer of hope on the 101.

“Artificial intelligence can supposedly help. Today let’s figure out the best way to reroute LA traffic. Look around this space for clues that will help with your decision.”

YOU run across a guide to how people should work with an AI-powered autonomous vehicle.

PIA, ANNOYING HUMAN, INTERRUPTS: “Looks like somebody won’t be on the leaderboard anytime soon! I’ll let you in on a little secret.”

The din of morning rush hour, a helicopter hovering. Cars honking. Brakes screeching. Car radios.

RICK DEES VOICE: “Hi there. This is the time fairy. It’s twelve minutes past the hour of seven.” to be continued…

Experience Museum of AI immersive.

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Real AI, fake TV show

Sensible diet w/ side of laughs

Join PAs on set of hot new show

Cookin' With AI

People gather. Greeted by theater actors/comedians, visitors are immersed in a story exploring the role of artificial intelligence in our food supply: growing, cooking, viewing, consuming.

Passing through two experience rooms, guests encounter the staff of their new TV show, busy learning how AI can generate recipes, produce voiceover for TV, and provide data about audience response.

On the set of Cookin’ with AI

ALI, HEAD PRODUCTION ASSISTANT, 32, large and in charge.
“All right, does everyone have their apron? Bernie— the producer, you’ll meet him later— wants everyone to look the part. I know you just got here, PA’s— that’s short for Production Assistant, if you’re new to the biz— but we’re throwing you right into the action! To compete with the Great British Bake-Off, we have to act fast.

“Can you all go help Ginny, our human show host? She’s prepping for her segment but… I don’t know, something seems to be wrong.”

GINNY, TV HOST & CHEF, 56, vivacious, sharp as a tack. Ready to take to the airwaves and host her segment on the Cookin’ With AI pilot. But she seems nervous.

A plate of cookies sits nearby, next to an AI smart speaker.

GINNY: “Did the network send you? Oh thank goodness you’re here, I’ve been asking for help for ages now! Bernie sent this… this… smart speaker to help and I just can’t get it to do anything. And now we’ve only got a half hour before we meet with the network.” to be continued…

High fives all around! After their 30-minute experience, the group is rewarded with Museum of AI merch and warm chocolate chip cookies.

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