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Redefine customer experience

Partner with MoAI on immersive theater about AI
Demystify AI

Get more return on experience

Experiential that keeps you on trend and on brand. Get our 2022 Guidebook

  • Fast on-ramp to build experiential learning: We do the heavy liftingReimagine customer engagement
  • Integrate your AI story with conferences, events, and ongoing executive educationGather your besties & make new contacts
  • Show, don’t tell: Illustrate key algorithm concepts

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Satisfy people's hunger for immersive experience

    Learning wrapped in storytelling

    Entertain, Engage, Educate

    As a Museum of AI immersive experiences partner, you can:

    1. Build trust using relevant examples. (No bad robots!)
    2. Demonstrate business value: Connect AI with outcomes. (We recommend AI Fitness Training.)
    3. Explore the future of work & how AI performs as a ‘colleague’. (Read about Human+AI hybrids.)

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