Bring AI to life

Host a Museum of AI gathering

In-person, online, or hybrid

High-value experiences, with a side of laughs.
  • What: Executive education, policy summits, immersive storytelling, popups, or experiential learning apps.
  • Why: Build trust by bringing AI case studies to life. Deepen understanding with examples of AI capabilities, limitations. Shape the Human+AI future of work.
  • Who: Decision makers, tech leads, and subject matter experts in business, technology, government.
  • When and where: Integrated with your webinars, conferences, trade shows, white papers, or professional development programs.

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Objectives: Entertain, engage, educate.
  1. Build trust with storytelling that features interactions with artificial intelligence. No fictional Bad Robots — just immersive, meaningful engagement.
  2. Show how to work with AI as a colleague by defining how Human+AI hybrids make decisions.
  3. Connect AI actions with business and societal outcomes (for example, with AI Fitness Training).
  4. Explore four avenues of AI capabilities and limitations: Function, purpose, explanation, social impact.

Partner with us. Invite customers, employees, partners, subject matter experts, and stakeholders to an immersive museum experience. Integrate a Museum of AI gathering with webinars, Zoom calls, live conference events, white papers, or professional development programs. Experiential learning is an on-trend differentiator that nurtures understanding and success by bringing AI case studies to life. Show, don’t tell, people about artificial intelligence values, performance, bias, and ethics.

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