Demystify artificial intelligence

Get immersed in AI

Welcome to Cookin’ with AI, an immersive theater experience. Through the lens of a televised cooking show, see how humans and artificial intelligence can work together. Help out in the kitchen as the show’s star uses cutting-edge RECIPE ROBOT® food technology to discover a missing ingredient. Assist the executive producer in selecting AI-generated co-hosts and catchy catch phrases (GPT-3 yeah?). Shenanigans ensue.


Whether you’re simply AI Curious or already a Superfan, we need your support launching Museum of AI (2023). Help us fulfill our mission to demystify AI for everyone. Step inside the Founder Circle for VIP status and awesome perks.
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New Denver experience!

Opening 2023 in Denver, Colorado. Gather for an immersive theater experience about AI. Join the ticket waiting list.


Business/tech events, too

Museum of AI Daytime: Bring VIPs, KOLs, and other B2B acronyms into The AI Salon for transformative experiences explaining AI.

Virtual museum: Always open

Explore a virtual experience about working with artificial intelligence. Tour AI Artifact Hall. Hint: Navigate using arrow keys 🙂

Come play with AI

Choose your own adventure

Immersive theater experiences for people who love technology ~ or loathe it. Bring friends, family, colleagues to explore AI inside an engaging story. Enjoy some laughs and discover practical uses of artificial intelligence.

AI: Useful tool, or devil’s handmaiden?

We know artificial intelligence can remove drudgery from daily work ~ and it’s a useful tool for creators. But people must understand its strengths and weaknesses, so we can trust it, or attribute blame appropriately.

Museum of AI building
Museum of AI DAYTIME

Here on business?

Host transformative AI conversations with your enterprise audience. Gather colleagues, clients, experts, community in The AI Salon for purposeful storytelling and experiences. Inspire action.

Real people, not goggles and projections

AI curious? See for yourself

Experience real-world artificial intelligence with actual human beings. Ideal for creatives, technologists, business folks, students. Anybody, really.

Top 3 rules for Human+AI success

Treat AI as a quantitative thinker with questionable soft skills.
Recognize AI isn’t a Bad Robot, or a Good Robot. It’s... a robot.
Explain algorithms without sucking the fun out of it.

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