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Explore online examples of a museum immersive experience. Take a self-guided, virtual tour of funky MoAI exhibits and AI Artifact Collection.

It's a Human+AI tightrope

**NEW** AI Fitness Training: Two-day experience on connecting AI actions with outcomes. For decision makers and tech leads.

AI: Useful tool, or devil’s handmaiden?

We know artificial intelligence and robotic process automation can remove the drudgery from people’s work. But we must understand technology’s capabilities and limitations, so we trust it — and attribute blame appropriately.

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Integrate Museum of AI experiential learning with your video calls, conference events, white papers, executive education, or professional development. Together let’s create extraordinary, future-ready Human+AI collaborations.

Tell us about your AI challenges.

    Top 3 rules for Human+AI success

    Think of AI as a super-smart colleague with questionable soft skills.
    Recognize AI isn’t a Bad Robot, or a Good Robot. It’s... a robot.
    Explain the Human+AI hybrid without sucking the fun out of it.

    Let’s produce a live, virtual, or hybrid event.

    MoAI experiences range from executive education to policy planning and trade show events, from immersive storytelling to interactive apps.


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    MoAI explores how people engage with AI. We invite industry experts, educators, policy people to join the museum Advisory Board as we analyze impacts on decisioning, technology policy, career paths. Contact frontdesk@museumof.ai and let us know.