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Museum of AI can produce immersive experiences at your conference event, executive briefing center, or SXSW installation: Learn more with our quick planning guide. For longer engagements, consider partnering with Museum of AI on a satellite installation. (Or come to beautiful Denver and host at our home base!)

See examples: Scroll down for photos/ descriptions of previous popups.

Tell your AI story and educate your audience with experience rooms, unconventional learning, and an AI artifact collection. Contact us using the form below, complete our planning guide, send email to or phone 720.515.7230.

Open Data Science Conference attendees gathered in the museum lobby to view our collection of AI artifacts. Greeted by theater actors/comedians, visitors became part of a story exploring the role of artificial intelligence in our food supply: whether we’re growing, cooking, viewing, consuming.

Passing through two experience rooms, participants assisted staff members on the hot new TV show, Cookin’ with AI,  collaborating with AI applications. They were rewarded with Museum of AI merchandise and warm chocolate chip cookies.

Sensible diet with laughs on the side. In our home city of Denver, Colorado, data scientists, gamers, business leaders, and the curious participated in the launch of our immersive theater ‘Cookin’ with AI’ experience. Visitors viewed AI artifacts and collaborated on challenges facing the host and producer of a new TV show. Afterward they enjoyed Museum of AI merchandise and chocolate chip cookies.



Immersive experience about AI for food

'Cookin' With AI' at ODSC West

Conference attendees gathered and viewed a collection of AI artifacts. Greeted by actors/comedians, they were immersed in a story exploring how artificial intelligence can impact food, cooking, and diet. Visitors assisted the host and producer of the new Cookin’ with AI TV show, and enjoyed museum merch and chocolate chip cookies.

Event"Cookin' with AI" at ODSC West
LocationSan Francisco, CA


Immersive theater + experiential learning

Cookin' with AI launch

In Denver, our home city, data scientists, gamers, business leaders, and the AI-curious enjoyed the launch of our ‘Cookin’ with AI’ immersive experience. Visitors collaborated with the show host and producer to address urgent challenges. Everyone was rewarded with Museum of AI merchandise and chocolate chip cookies.

EventCookin' with AI installation
LocationDenver, CO
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