First, seek to understand

Let’s collaborate, not collide

Humans+AI = ?

Who gets to design the Human+AI hybrid?

There are no bad robots, just bad owners. There’s no shortage of grim stories about rogue AI attempting to obliterate the human race. But Museum of AI storytelling is about how artificial intelligence can cooperate with us on meaningful work and satisfying play.

Designing UI for people + algorithm

How should you prep for the future of work? What’s needed to achieve human-in-the-loop success? Our simple guide 12 Ways People & AI Work Together explains useful approaches to Human+AI decision making. Sign up now, and we’ll email a link.

toy robot
That is the question

Who should decide what?

Successful AI adoption requires knowledge of what it can/cannot do: Should a machine drive a particular process, or should a human take the wheel? People are often able to monitor performance, provide input, and exert control over AI systems. It’s essential to understand capabilities and limitations, so we trust the robot — and attribute blame appropriately. #nobadrobots

Host an extraordinary experience

Invite your audience to The AI Salon

Want to see more human-in-the-loop AI? Host a gathering at the Museum of AI Salon for partners, clients, colleagues. Let’s create an extraordinary experience to demystify AI and unveil its potential to change people’s work and daily lives. (Turnkey, we handle experience design.)

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