Humans+AI = ?

The future will be hybrid.

How to collaborate, not collide, with AI.

One hears stories about autonomous robots conquering the human race. But there is no Bad Robot (no Good one, either). Real-world artificial intelligence works with us: Handling recommendations, data, and tasks so we are free to do meaningful work.

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Humans+AI, deciding together.

Human-AI collaboration happens in a variety of ways. Sometimes people have no awareness of how an AI system works, while others can monitor performance, provide input, and exert control. Some human decision makers have leeway to fully override AI’s decisions.

Who is deciding what? It’s essential that we understand the capabilities and limitations of the algorithms we work with. Otherwise we won’t build a solid foundation for trust, or know how to attribute blame and make corrections when necessary.

Humans+AI = Business value. Organizing a successful collaboration requires analysts to understand what AI can and cannot do: Only then can they decide when a machine should drive a particular process, vs. advising a human to take the wheel. The goal, of course, is creating value. Museum of AI offers business executives AI Fitness Training, strengthening their ability to connect AI actions with business outcomes, preparing them to weigh AI costs and benefits without undue technical detail.

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