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The AI story

The Museum of AI Artifact Collection captures foundational concepts, memories, and capabilities of the extraordinary people creating artificial intelligence technology. Museum experiences begin with an artifact viewing and discussion in our popup lobby.

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Artifact no. ????
“Your AI Artifact”
by You! (2021; video or image)

vintage blood pressure cuff

Artifact no. 14992
“Blood pressure x AI”
by ASAPP (2021; measurement device)

Outlaw movie logic engine

Artifact no. 249
“Playwright Logic Machine”
by Douglas T. Ross (1960; software algorithm)

Artifact no. 2503
by Bell Labs (ret. 1992; silicon, AI chip)

Artifact no. 523514
“Data Driven”
by Kristen Kehrer (2021; spoken word video)

Watson Jeopardy fail image

Artifact no. 14840
“Toronto is a US city!!?”
by Museum of AI (2019; illustration)

Artifact no. 2395
“Computer Bug #1”
by Grace Hopper (1946; bloodshot-eyed moth)

drawing of annabelle at bot poets society

Artifact no. 14675
“Love is like a foot on the beach”
by Bot Poets Society (2021; AI-generated poem)

Explainable AI poster

Artifact no. 4471
“Explainable AI poster”
by Museum of AI (2019; illustration)

Cookin' with AI poster

Artifact no. 14830
“Cookin’ with AI”
by Museum of AI (2019; graphic art)

Artifact no. 1404
“Go Stones”
by Kiseido (2016; clam & slate)

museum of ai lobby featuring artificial intelligence artifacts

AI Artifacts on display
Popup museum lobby
by Museum of AI (2019; immersive installation)