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What is the future of work?

The Human+AI hybrid has a bright future – assuming a bunch of stuff gets figured out first. That’s why Museum of AI produces experiences for stakeholders in technology, business, policy, and society (hopefully without sucking the fun out of it).

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    What do people need to know about artificial intelligence?

    Our programs support rigorous learning objectives with a blend of storytelling, Human+AI experiences, and purposeful conversation. Work with us to cultivate expertise, empathy, and thoughtful AI adoption.

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    How can we work together?

    • Go beyond the webinar. Integrate a Museum of AI experience with your Zoom calls, webinars, white papers, or learning content. Experiential is an on-trend, powerful differentiator that nurtures relationships. And with our turnkey content, the process is straightforward.
    • Shine a light in the black box. Connect people via challenges and interactive storytelling, on themes ranging from algorithmic bias to successful project management. Museum of AI follows the principles of andragogy (a fancy way of saying experiential adult learning).

    Experiences, not webinars

    • Display AI artifacts: Museum of AI is curating a collection of artifacts to document meaningful moments in artificial intelligence, including their implications for human lives. Let us know: What are your contributions to the human-AI experience?
    • Host a Good Question summit. In our new online series, we gather subject matter experts and stakeholders to examine important questions about the future of human-AI collaboration.

    Challenges Build Trust & Knowledge

    Enlightenment Through Human-In-The-Loop AI

    To trust the process, people must clearly understand the options for maintaining human control over a decision, even when a machine is taking action. Experiential learning is ideal for explaining the fundamental principles of human-AI collaboration.

    A Museum of AI experience nurtures knowledge in three phases: First, we introduce concepts. At the problem-solving phase, people contribute collectively to an immersive, online story about AI in daily life. Afterward, supplemental content encourages reflection.

    Answering questions about real-world AI

    The museum’s Good Question! series gathers subject matter experts and stakeholders to explore evidence about AI performance in the real world. Examples:

    Is it appropriate for governments to ban facial recognition tools? How does AI computing affect the environment? What’s the best way to analyze AI costs/benefits? What is the future of work?

    We Would Love To Hear Your AI Story!

    Elevate the human-AI experience

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    Elevate the human-AI experience with storytelling and AI expertise from the Museum of AI. Enhance webinars, conference calls, customer success programs, case studies, training content, white papers, policy analysis, presentations, panel discussions, virtual conferences, keynote talks, technology research, and experiential marketing campaigns about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning, reinforcement learning, prescriptive analytics, and robotic process automation (RPA).

    Museum of AI experiential learning is easily integrated with conventional content about human-in-the-loop AI and the future of human-AI collaboration.

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