Serious AI. Not-so-serious atmosphere.

MoAI Popups



"Cookin' With AI" at ODSC West 2019

Data science conference attendees gathered in the museum lobby to view our collection of AI artifacts. Greeted by actors/comedians, guests joined an immersive story exploring how artificial intelligence is impacting food and cooking. They solved challenges in two experience rooms and were rewarded with MoAI merch and warm chocolate chip cookies.

Event"Cookin' with AI" at ODSC West
LocationSan Francisco, CA
DateOctober 2019


"Cookin' with AI" production

In Denver, Museum of AI’s home city, data scientists, gamers, and the curious enjoyed the launch of our “Cookin’ with AI” experience. Guests viewed AI artifacts, collaborated on challenges, and won MoAI merchandise plus chocolate chip cookies.

Event"Cookin' with AI" Production
LocationDenver, CO
DateOctober 2019