Here from the future to ask for your help….

Are you decisive? We need your help to chart how decisions should be made in 2040, and who (or what machine?) should make them. Join our team today. #FuD2022

Yes, I want to join Future Deciders and create a great experience for the SDP conference.

    Have you previously attended a meeting of
    the Society of Decision Professionals?

    Your talents are needed! Decision makers in 2040 want to understand processes from our world. Here’s your chance to design an experience like this world has never seen. Help out with planning and engagement for April’s annual conference of the Society of Decision Professionals.

    Be decisive! As a Future Decider**, you will collaborate with an elite group of creatives, analysts, and all around fun people to hang with. Sign up here. #FuD2022

    Invite your colleagues! Influence how people make decisions in 2040 – and who (or what machine?) gets to make them.

    **Your benefits include perks like an online presence, a job with a new job, and a job with a new job, and an extra job! (Thanks GPT-2 for the perks list.)

    Photo by Sean Foley on Unsplash