Data is Easy. Deciding is hard.

Data is easy, deciding is hard. Change how decision makers get data-driven insights.

Insights often aren’t delivered to decision makers the way they need. Here’s what is separating them from useful evidence. Our key recommendations: Avoid the ‘Ooh, shiny!’ Connect actions to outcomes. Visualize decisions, not data. View/download our research paper [pdf]

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Four practical ways to engage stakeholders: Display insights that are top-line, evidence-based, bite-size, and reusable. View/download Demonstrate Value Faster: Mobilize Data Science as Crisp Insights [pdf]

Highlights from Ugly Research.

Tracy Allison Altman, founder of Ugly Research, explains what’s missing from the data-to-decision process.
These 6 issues need to be resolved:
Data is easy: 3 issues for data scientists and analytics pros. 1) Data visualization provides too much ‘Ooh, shiny!’ without adding value. 2) There’s a false dichotomy between ‘Data-driven’ and ‘Human intuition’. 3) Value is not self-evident: People need to see how to use data.
Deciding is hard: 3 issues for decision makers. 1) Visualize decisions, not data. 2) Build a decision culture, not a data culture. 3) More is needed to unleash data’s explanatory and predictive power.
View/download Data is Easy, Deciding is Hard [pdf]