Are you ready for AI?

Is AI ready for you?

What is AI Fitness?

AI Fitness means ability to perform in functional roles and adapt to situations around artificial intelligence for decision making. Executives recognize opportunities and understand how to connect AI actions with business outcomes. Creators build people-ready AI that produces meaningful, interpretable results.

No coding! AI Fitness training is geared toward non-technical professionals and technologists in business roles, seeking to weigh costs against benefits. Experiences blend storytelling, problem-solving, reflection, and purposeful conversation. We achieve rigorous objectives by following principles of andragogy (a fancy word for adult learning).

Integrate a Museum of AI experience with your Zoom calls, live conference events, white papers, or learning programs. Offer AI Fitness training to your partners, customers, employees, or stakeholders. Experiential is an on-trend differentiator that nurtures understanding and customer success. Show, don’t tell, people about your AI appications.

Fixing flawed AI

Sometimes things go pear-shaped. AI Fitness means people adapt when an algorithm performs unacceptably, showing biased or lackluster results. Training includes a discussion of how to evaluate evidence, explain to stakeholders, and explore options for fixing flawed AI.

Let’s work together

AI Fitness Training. Lead the way for your organization, your partners, or your customers. Whether you prefer executive seminars or immersive theater (or something in between), Museum of AI experiential learning is a great way to reinforce essential concepts about artificial intelligence values, performance, and ethics.

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