Are you ready for AI?

Is AI ready for you?

Introducing AI Fitness Training.

AI Fitness means demonstrating ability to adapt to situations where artificial intelligence can inform decision making. Museum of AI developed AI Fitness Training for subject matter experts and professionals in business roles who are preparing for a hybrid human-AI future.

This is for people who ask these questions:
  • Who on my team needs to transform decision processes with AI?
  • How can we strengthen skills for evaluating opportunities to apply AI?
  • Which analytical methods connect AI actions with outcomes?
  • When can I learn to produce AI output that creates better business value?
  • What evidence do I need to analyze unintended AI consequences?

Golden Goose sneakers not required. AI Fitness Training lasts two (not consecutive) days led by a team of experts, performers, and educators — supplemented with app-delivered content. Experiences blend storytelling, problem-solving, systematic analysis, and purposeful conversation. Museum of AI achieves rigorous objectives by following principles of andragogy (a fancy word for adult learning).

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Look in the mirror, love the results! A ‘fit’ executive recognizes opportunities to bring machines into decision making, understands how to connect actions with outcomes, and weighs intangible costs against benefits. A ‘fit’ creator designs decision-ready AI that produces meaningful, interpretable, actionable data.

Fixing flawed AI.

Sometimes things go pear-shaped. An important piece of AI Fitness is knowing how to adapt when an algorithm performs unacceptably, showing biased or lackluster results. In AI Fitness Training, people learn repeatable ways to evaluate evidence, explain to stakeholders, and explore options for repairing flawed algorithms.

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Attitude meets technique. Lead the way for your organization, partners, and customers. Whether you prefer executive seminars or immersive experience (or something in between), Museum of AI experiential learning is a great way to upskill teams, reinforce essential AI concepts, and boost performance. Integrate AI Fitness Training with your Zoom calls, live conference events, white papers, or learning programs.

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