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Who doesn’t enjoy a lively discussion? Hear expert talks about AI and how it’s changing lives. Our Good Question! series gathers technologists, business leaders, policy analysts, AI users, and the community to assess real-world AI performance and influence. Sticking to our script, Museum of AI events are formatted as experiential learning.

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  • Host a Good Question! event. Engage your audience with an interactive exploration about how AI is changing lives. Gather experts and stakeholders to examine important questions about AI adoption.Insights about real-world AI
  • Live, virtual. or hybrid : Format your Good Question! talks as live events, video conferences, or hybrids. We promise to make it easy for you to host.Nurture AI understanding

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    Answer questions about real-world AI

    The Museum of AI Good Question! series brings people together to explore the evidence about AI adoption, performance, and influence. Interactive expert talks about AI. Examples:

    Is it appropriate for governments to ban facial recognition tools?
    Can flawed AI be repaired?
    How does algorithmic computing affect the environment?
    What’s the best way to analyze AI costs/benefits?
    What is the future of work and Human+AI collaboration?

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